Bushfire Preparation

Its already one of the worst bush fire seasons Australia has seen, and summer is just beginning.

Here are some basic tips to start preparing your home in case a fire threatens the property. There are links at the end of the article to local fire services and more detailed information.


• Keep roof and home maintenance up-to-date. Embers will lodge in any cracks or gaps in that cladding.

• Keep gutters free of leaves and twigs. Consider fire proof gutter guards.

• Keep your garden well maintained – mow lawns and grass to less than 10 cm, remove any dead leaves, branches and twigs, keep trees and shrubs pruned of excess growth and certainly well away from any house walls.

• Have garden hoses long enough to reach right around the house and to all areas within the garden.

• Keep your fire safety equipment well-maintained and accessible - ensure fuel tanks are kept full.

• Think about non-combustible fencing and landscaping material, rocks and pebbles for mulch rather than bark etc.

• Regularly check the currency and values on your home and contents insurance.

• Prepare and discuss regularly with your family your emergency plan.

Your local Rural Fire Service (RFS) or Country Fire Authority (CFA) will have much more comprehensive information. It’s a great idea to contact your local fire service so you know who and how to contact them as the need approaches. However, in the event of an emergency, remember to dial 000.

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