Who IS ICI Industries?

For those of you who use our Irribiz, Greenworks or Blue Bucket websites, visit one of our stores, or connect face to face with one of our great staff across Australia, you may have seen reference to our corporate identity ICI Industries. We thought we should explain who we are and what that means to you, our most valued customers!

ICI Industries is the family business behind the well-known brands of Irribiz, AIS Greenworks and Blue Bucket, as well as our other brands like CB Stainless, Total Leisure, Ibis Controls and Lining Solutions. We’re based in Griffith in southern NSW, just off the banks of the Murrumbidgee River and our owners have been involved in the water business across Australia for over 40 years.

Our mission statement is Precious Water – Innovative Solutions and that means we’re involved in everything water related – on the farm, within your greenhouse, in industry and water distribution, and around your house and garden. We have over 100 staff in seven branches across Australia and they all recognise just how precious our water resources are in this wide brown land.

We’re all super-committed to water efficiency: finding, designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing the absolute most efficient water management tools we can for our clients.

That wealth of technical know-how, buying power and expertise across the country, throughout varied industries and with some of our most successful farmers and producers can all be used to benefit you, regardless of what your water management need is today!

Design, Supply, and install turn-key projects of high-quality irrigation products for the open field agriculture market.


Design, supply and install products, systems and ongoing supplies to the protected cropping (greenhouse) industry.



Design, manufacture and supply all facets of stainless steel within the water transfer industry.



Design, manufacture, supply and install control automation and switchboards for the water transfer and greenhouse industry.




Supply and service high quality pools, spas, wood and gas heaters, and their associated equipment.



Lining Solutions Pty Ltd supply and design Firestone GeoGard EPDM solutions for dams, ponds and channels.




Online Retail for all ICI Industries Brand products.



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