Davey Double Case Submersible Pump 0.4kW with Auto Float Switch




Davey DCS40A is a 0.4kW single phase double case Submersible Pump which comes with an automatic float switch. 

The DCS40A has a maximum flow of 240 lpm at 12 metres head, with a maximum submergence of 10 metres and a maximum operating temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Suitable fluids that can be processed through this pump are sewage or grey water of neutral pH containing small soft organic solids that have a maximum outside diameter of 10 mm.  Suitable applications for this submersible pumps include; dirty water pumping; sump emptying; Septic Effluent water disposal; and pumping of waste water with small soft solids in suspension. 

Davey DCS40A Spec Sheet 

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