Dektite Flashing Black 200-300 Tin Roof




Dektite Flashing Black to suit 200 mm (8") - 300 mm (12")  Non-active Flue   

Heat Rating : 50-115 Deg / Aluminium Base 

Suitable for Tin or Colorbond Roofing.  Item will stretch over the flue and seal tight - simply cut the rubber cone following the markings on the product. Slide the Dektite down the Flue and form the base to fit to your roof for a water tight seal. It is recommended for the flashing to be fixed in place with roofing screws and neutral cure silicone. 

Delivery Time : Please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to be processed and dispatched from our warehouse. Once your order has been dispatched the tracking details shall be forwarded to you.

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