Jindara Hamersley Free-Standing Wood Heater




The Jindara Hamersley is the largest of Jindara's Paramount Wood Heater Series, which has been the cornerstone of Jindara Wood heating for many years. The Jindara Hamersley is a cast-iron lined wood heater with a simple traditional design that can be trusted to keep your home warm on even the coldest of winter nights, year after year. 

The Jindara Hamersley will heat up to 300 m2 with a burn time of 10 hours and can handle logs up to 420 mm in length. The Hamersley has an efficiency rating of 64% and emission output of 2.2g/kg with it 18kW heat output.

Key features of the Jindara Hamersley include:

  • 3 Speed Fan
  • Hugh, self cleaning fireplace window.
  • Quiet, high performance fans
  • Heavy duty steel firebox.Heater
  • Firebrick lined heater base.
  • Long Lasting 8 mm Steel Baffle Plate.
  • 10 Year Firebox Warranty.

Owners Manual

The Jindara Hamersley is not supplied with a flue or hearth.

Delivery Time : Please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to be processed and dispatched from our warehouse. Once your order has been dispatched the tracking details shall be forwarded to you. 

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