Toro Model AR3 1/2" Plastic Impact Sprinkler

SKU: 10150043200



Toro Model AR3 Plastic Impact Sprinkler. Suitable for use in the following applications; Orchards; Vegetables.


  • Colour coded easy fit snap-in-jets with built in stream straighteners.
  • Single or double jet (high angle only) configurations.
  • Special 2 washer base stack for low volume  2.4 mm (White main jet or spring loaded 3 set based washer stack for all other combinations..
  • Rear nozzles compatible with rear nozzle for the Model S-II.


  • Inlet: 15 mm Mi BSP
  • Flow: 4.5 Lpm - 26.2 Lpm
  • Pressure: 200-300 kPa.

Toro Model AR3 Specifications

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