How to Check Your Sprinkler Run Time and Save Water
Hot summers in Australia can be tough on gardens. Trying to keep your plants and lawns alive during the dry season can take a lot of effort and water.
If you prefer to watch Netflix, rather than standing outside with a hose every evening, chances are you’ve some sprinklers around your property to help out. (If not – get some at Blue Bucket)

While sprinklers are fantastic at delivering irrigation, if not used properly, they can waste water. So how can you make sure you’re not overdoing it on the watering?

Check your sprinkler run time

Different sprinklers have different watering rates. By checking your sprinkler run time, you can make sure you’re not over-watering your lawn and garden and potentially save a lot of water. Most sprinklers can be reduced by two minutes per station and still maintain a healthy garden.


Quick run times guide

Use the following table as a guide for the best run times for each sprinkler.

Sprinkler type

Typical watering rate (per hour) 

Recommended run time for 10mm (standard irrigation) 

Recommended run time for reducing water use

Pop-up/fixed spray


13-16 minutes

10 minutes




40-60 minutes

30-40 minutes

Gear drive rotator


30-40 minutes

25-30 minutes



30-40 minutes

20-30 minutes



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