Garden Hose Fittings and Sprinklers

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Holman Hose Connector 12mm
Gutter Cleaning Telescoping WandGutter Cleaning Telescoping Wand
Holman Tap Adaptor Universal 12mm
Holman Hose Joiner 12mm
Holman Hose Nozzle 4 piece set 12mm
Holman Outlet 2 Way MetalHolman Outlet 2 Way Metal
Holman Trigger Watering Hose Attachment
Holman Hose Connector 12mm Grip N LockHolman Hose Connector 12mm Grip N Lock
Holman Hose Wand EZY Grip 8 Function 70cm
Holman 12 mm Hose Coupling
Holman 18 mm Hi-Flow Adjustable Nozzle
Holman 12 mm Flexible Brass Tap Adaptor
Holman Oscillating Sprinkler
Hose Connector 18mm to 12 mm
Hose Washer Combination Pack
Holman Metal 4 Way Outlet
Holman Adjustable Hose Nozzle 12mm
Holman 12 mm Brass Swivel Tap Adaptor
Toro Brass 2 Way Tap - Snap On - Pope
4110HB Holman Hose Connector 12mm with Stop
Mazzei Venturi Fertilizer Injector 25mm
Holman Trigger Watering Hose Attachment
Hose Connector 18mm Male Coupling
Snap-on Connector 19mm x 12mm hose
Holman Metal Dome Sprinkler
Holman 12 mm Brass Hose Joiner Grip N Lock
Toro Shrub Adaptor Suit Irritrol Nozzle
Holman 12 mm Brass Coupling
Holman 12 mm Brass Barbed Hose Connector
Holman 12 mm Brass 3 Way Coupling
Pope Snap-on Adaptor 3/4"
Pope Snap-on Adaptor 1"
Toro  20mm Brass Tap Adaptor Pope
Toro 12mm Brass Tap Adaptor Pope
Two Way Alternating Valve for 9001D
Mazzei Metering & Suction Kit

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