Garden Hose Fittings and Sprinklers

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Holman Hose Connector 12mm
Holman Outlet 2 Way MetalHolman Outlet 2 Way Metal
Holman Hose Nozzle 4 piece set 12mm
Holman Tap Adaptor Universal 12mm
Holman Hose Joiner 12mm
Holman Hose Connector 12mm Grip N LockHolman Hose Connector 12mm Grip N Lock
Holman Hose Wand EZY Grip 8 Function 70cm
Holman Trigger Watering Hose Attachment
Holman 18 mm Hi-Flow Adjustable Nozzle
Holman 12 mm Hose Coupling
Hose Connector 18mm to 12 mm
Gutter Cleaning Telescoping WandGutter Cleaning Telescoping Wand
Hose Washer Combination Pack
Holman Adjustable Hose Nozzle 12mm
Holman 12 mm Flexible Brass Tap Adaptor
Holman 12 mm Brass Swivel Tap Adaptor
Toro Brass 2 Way Tap - Snap On - Pope
4110HB Holman Hose Connector 12mm with Stop
Holman Oscillating Sprinkler
Holman Trigger Watering Hose Attachment
Holman Metal 4 Way Outlet
Hose Connector 18mm Male Coupling
Mazzei Venturi Fertilizer Injector 25mm
Holman Metal Dome Sprinkler
Holman 12 mm Brass Hose Joiner Grip N Lock
Toro Shrub Adaptor Suit Irritrol Nozzle
Holman 12 mm Brass Coupling
Holman 12 mm Brass Barbed Hose Connector
Holman 12 mm Brass 3 Way Coupling
Pope Snap-on Adaptor 1"
Toro  20mm Brass Tap Adaptor Pope
Toro 12mm Brass Tap Adaptor Pope
Two Way Alternating Valve for 9001D
Universal Tap Adaptor 12mm
Brass Hose Repairer 18mm

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