Selecting the Right Pump

Trying to source a new pump and a bit baffled by the choices?


There are many different types and sizes of pumps available and making sure that you’re ordering the right one can be tough. If you’re replacing an existing pump then you may have the make and model number of it, and that’ll certainly help. Sometimes though, you might like to upgrade the pump to a bigger capacity, or move it to a different site, or your water source may have changed.

Here at Blue Bucket, we’d like to make sure we can help you get the absolute right pump for your job. Every time. And at a sensible price.

The attached questionnaire ( in this LINK ) may seem detailed, but its all the information we’ll need from you to ensure that we’re recommending the right product. Have a go at filling out as much as you can. If you’re stuck on something give us a call, and we’ll do what we can to help.

Once you’ve completed this, email it to

Don’t forget to include your contact details – that way we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the best options and pricing.

A number of the pumps we have on the Blue Bucket site don’t have pricing listed. That’s because we  (and the manufacturers) like to make sure we’re selling the right pump to you as well. So, give us a call, and once we’re sure we are pointing you in the right direction, we’ll be happy to give you the best price we can.

After all, online buying should be simple and seamless.

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Pump selectionSelecting the right pump