Water Saving Around Your Home - 6 Actual Things You Can Do

If you want to save water around your house, the biggest change your family can make is to behaviour, but that’s hard. We all know we should turn off the tap when we’re cleaning our teeth, but its not something that stays in our heads when we’re actually doing it.

Changing water-use behaviours is difficult – here’s some actual hardware changes you can make that will save a boat-load of water whilst you’re still working on the habits!

  1. Fix leaks. Every house has a dripping tap or two, or a shower that you have to turn off especially hard to stop it dripping. Tap washers are relatively cheap, and any hardware store will have everything you need to change them. And they’ll definitely have the advice.

  2. Consider water saving tap inserts. These little discs are inserted just before the shower head or tap nozzle, and can also make a big difference to water usage by limiting the flow. Again, they’re pretty cheap and relatively easy to install – check out your local hardware store or plumbing supply.

  3. Toilet flushing is a huge user of water – up to 30% of an average home’s indoor water use. Consider changing to a dual-flush toilet cistern (its an Aussie invention) that will manage the amount of water used to flush depending on what is in there… You’ll probably need a plumber or handyman to do this job, but its well worth it and the savings can be enormous.

  4. Irrigate smarter. Garden irrigation has come a long way in recent years. The newer controllers can be wi-fi connected and controlled remotely. They can have rain sensors and soil moisture monitors installed to automatically over-ride irrigation when you don’t need it. And think about those sprinklers: the newer rotator sprinkler heads deliver jets of water at a slow rate that increases penetration, minimises run-off and virtually eliminates spray drift. Drip irrigation for garden and vegie beds and pot plants make a lot of sense too.

  5. Capture rainwater. There’s a whole new range of slim-line, underground and other innovations in the rainwater tank market now. You certainly don’t just have to have the old corrugated iron tank in the backyard anymore – although what that will do for the budding cricket and tennis champions remains a question! Talk to our team about what you’ll need – its easier than you think.

  6. Cover your pool. In warmer climates in Australia, evaporation alone can take almost 2 metres of water per year out of a standing pool! Not only will a pool cover save that water, but you’ll find it will help in maintaining a warmer pool temperature, saving energy as well as possibly extending the swimming season a week or two for your family.

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