Holman Twin Trigger Watering Hose Attachment Set

SKU: 2112H

Sale price$13.02


The Holman Twin Trigger Watering Hose Attachment Set is part of our limited edition hose end range. Both trigger watering hose attachments feature flow control with a self-closing trigger that leaves water pressure ready to use.
The multi function attachment includes 8 watering functions and both attachments feature an adjustable spray pattern. The adjustable spray makes both attachments suitable for gardening and cleaning.
The attachments feature an “on/off” function; squeeze the trigger to water and release the trigger to cut the water supply. This handy feature saves time in having to walk back to the tap every time the water supply needs to be turned off.
Both attachments are made from hard wearing rubber and offer a 2-year guarantee. The maximum operating pressure is 800kPa.

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