Azud Screen Filter Modular 100

SKU: FL/AZ17L1C240

Size: 35 Mesh 530 Micron 1 1/4" (32mm)
Sale price$31.80


** Possible delays may be experienced with the delivery of Azud Screen Filter Modulars **

Azud Screen Filters are manufactured from high-grade corrosion resistant plastic.  It comes apart easily for cleaning and is designed for domestic and commercial applications.

Azud Screen Filters are highly recommended for filtering poor quality water needed for irrigating.  The screen filters reduce the risk of clogging and limited flow rates while protecting your irrigation system.

Azud Screen Filters house a screen filter that is made of steel or plastic mesh.  As the water passes through the mesh larger particles are trap from passing into your irrigation system.  The screen filters are effective solution for filtering surface water containing dirt and sand.

Azud Screen Filter Modular 100 Data Sheet

Azud Screen Filter Modular 100 Product Sheet

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