Eyeline Aquatic Exercise Belt


Size: Medium 115-140cm 71-100kgs
Sale price$63.15


Deep-water running is ideal for those recovering from injuries or suffering with back pain. The resistance of the water gives a great cardiovascular and strengthening workout. Being deep in the water decreases stress on your joints, as well as increases your range of motion. Because there is no impact, an injured athlete can train in the water to remain fit while waiting for their injuries to heal. Our soft foam belt is for deep water exercising, running, rehab and general fitness. Soft durable high density EVA foam. Suspends body vertically in the water and has an adjustable webbed belt.   

  • Soft durable High Density EVA foam 1pc construction belt
  • Easy-to-operate quick-release buckle ensures a hassle-free fit
  • Suspends body vertically in the water
  • Great training & rehabilitation aid
  • Adjustable webbed belt  

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