Flue Kit Deco Mesh 6" Metallic Black


Sale price$599.00


This flue kit has 4 metres of triple skin galvanised flue which meets Australian Heating Standards and will suit most wood fire heater.

Included in this kit:

4 x lengths of 6" (150mm) 1 metre Stainless Steel flue

2 x lengths of decorative mesh Club and Round

2 x 8" (200mm) 1 metre Galvanised extension flue

1 x 10" (250mm) 1 metre Galvanised extension flue

1 x 10" (250mm) universal drop box with spinning (outer flue painted to 300 mm)

1 x Decorative Bottom Ring

1 x Ceiling Ring

2 x Mounting Brackets

1 x Full S/S Rain Excluder Cowl (MXCRESS). 

NB. The flue kit does not come with the Chimney Flue Flashing/Dektite , if required please see separate listings for these:  https://bluebucket.com.au/search?type=product&options%5Bprefix%5D=last&q=flue+flashing

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