GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot Black with Velcro Seam


Size: 3.8L
Sale price$9.90


GeoPot Fabric Pot is a breathable fabric plant container made from marine grade thread and geotextile fabric free of BPA plastics.  The GeoPot Fabric Pot 'air prunes' the roots of the plant when they reach the edge of the container.

Benefits of the GeoPot Fabric Pot:

  • The 'air pruning' process forces your roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots, which are more efficient in taking up water & nutrients, producing better fruit & a higher yield.
  • The porous fabric allows air into the root zone & provides great water drainage, naturally keeping the roots cool in a healthy environment.
  • The GeoPot is washable, durable and reusable for up to 5 cycles, great for commercial & personal growers alike
  • The handles are attached with marine grade thread, making it easier to move your plant to the perfect spot

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