Gibault Repair Coupling


Size: 80mm
Sale price$152.62


The Gibault Repair Coupling is designed for use in the repair of PVC irrigation pipe networks.  Easy to install the coupling slides over the broken pipe without use of lubricant. 

The Gibault Repair Coupling features an ABS body, cast aluminum epoxy coated rings, natural rubber gaskets and galvanised steel washers, nuts and bolts.

OPERATING SPECIFICATIONS Maximum pressure 1000kpa

80mm / PVC Pipe OD 88.9 / Length of item 225mm

100mm / PVC Pipe OD 114.3 / Length of item 225mm

150mm / PVC Pipe OD 160.3 / Length of item 225mm

200mm / PVC Pipe OD 225.3 / Length of item 225mm

WARNING: designed for use in irrigation systems only, do not use in gas, oil, petrol or other liquids. 

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