Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Rail Planter


Sale price$141.20


Your balcony railing can be easily transformed into a flourishing garden with the addition of the Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Rail Planter. No floor or wall space needed , simply attach to your balcony rail with the adjustable brackets to grow your own produce. Suited to 15 -100mm rails. Units are able to be plugged into each other for easy integrated watering.

Includes : 1 x planter , 2 x rail brackets ,  2 x wall brackets , 1 x accessories pack including : fabric wicking pouches , fabric root barrier mat , joiner tube , joiner fittings (2) , planter screws (2) & rail bracket screws (4)  

Assembled Measurements : 60cm L x 23cm H x 25cm D . Approx Filled weight 30kg.

Ideal growing conditions / use indoors or outdoors / plants use what water they need / able to see if water is required / strong , safe and environmentally conscious. 

NB. If you have any doubts about installation we suggest you consult a tradesperson for assistance

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