Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Wall Planter




If you love the idea of a garden but are tight for space - the Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Wall Planter is perfect for you. The included wall mounts permit the Glowpear Mini Wall Planter to be attached to most walls allowing you to have access to a low maintenance garden in no time. Units are able to be plugged into each other for easy integrated watering.

Includes : 1 x planter , 2 x brackets , 1 x accessories pack including : fabric wicking pouches (2) , fabric root barrier mat , joiner tube , joiner fittings (2) & bracket screws (2).  

Assembled Measurements : 60cm L x 23cm H x 25cm D . Approx Filled weight 30kg.

Ideal growing conditions / use indoors or outdoors / plants use what water they need / able to see if water is required / strong , safe and environmentally conscious. 

NB. If you have any doubts about installation we suggest you consult a tradesperson for assistance 


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