Holman RGB Colour Spotlight 43mm Value Pack


Sale price$134.50


The Holman RGB Colour Spotlight Value Pack comes with three daisy-chained Spotlights and an End Spotlight for a quick and simple set-up. Join directly to the included Connection Tee to continue to expand your system! Pair with one of our RGB Colour Garden Light Controllers for easy lighting adjustments, directly from your mobile.

Programming is easy for the Holman Lighting Range. Rename your lights, set on/off times, create lighting 'scenes', dim the lights and set special effects on a smartphone via iGardener or Holman Home app.

Holman RGB Colour spotlights, path lights and deck lights are compatible with each other and can connect up to a single RGB Colour Controller (60W capacity).

Contains 4 x 3W LED Spotlights


  • 4‑Pin Plug + Socket Connection
  • Die cast aluminium housing
  • Max. 3m between each spotlight
  • Includes 1500mm leader cable
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Recommended use: Max 4x spotlights per Connection Tee

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