Hose Nozzle Connector Set Brass 12mm Grip N Lock | CLEARANCE

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The Brass Hose Connector Set is what you need to run a hose from the tap to your sprinkler. It attaches to either a 20 mm(3/4″) or 25 mm(1″) tap, and includes two robust brass connectors to provide a long lasting, durable solution. The “Quick Release” snap on fitting makes installing a garden hose to a lawn sprinkler or trigger watering attachment quick and easy.

The set can fit out many types of garden hose, with each connector having a separate locking claw which clamps down onto the hose by the brass nut, to provide a secure connection. 

Both connectors feature stainless steel balls to grip over the male snap on inlets to provide a very reliable connection. The connectors also include a machined non slip grip, that’s easy to handle and remove, especially in wet environments.

** Please note outer packaging could be slightly damaged

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