Jindara Townsend Freestanding Wood Heater

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The Jindara Townsend Freestanding Wood Heater brings a modern feel to radiant style wood heating.  Standing on four legs the Jindara Townsend is perfect for a home with high ceilings or poor installation.

Radiant Wood Heaters function by emitting heat directly through the outer surface of the firebox, rapidly warming the space.

The Jindara Townsend Freestanding Wood Heater is not supplied with a flue or hearth.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heating Capacity up to 240 Sqm
  • Log Width: 535mm
  • Burn Time:
  • Efficiency: 68%
  • Emissions: 0.9g/kg
  • Fan: NO
  • Firebrick lined
  • Dual baffle system featuring 8mm primary baffle
  • 'Boost Air' inlet for easier ignition
  • 10 year firebox warranty
  • Heavy duty cast iron door

Jindara Townsend Freestanding Wood Heater Operation and Installation Manual

Australian Made | Blue Bucket

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