Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer 1l


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Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer helps seal minor cracks and leaks in swimming pools. It seals leaks losing up to 3.5cm of water per day (in a 50K litre pool). Leak Sealer has a very high pH (about 12) so when you add it to your pool it takes on the pH of pool water (between 7.0 and 8.0). It now no longer functions as a liquid and starts to solidify in the presence of oxygen at the site of the leak.

NOT suitable for repairing leaks in vinyl liner pools.Larger defects require proper plumbing and maintenance. If using an automatic pool cleaner remove the cleaner from the pool. Do not allow Leak Sealer to pass through filtration system. Do not exceed recommended dosage rate. 1L treats 50,000 Litres pool water & 30mls treats approx. 1800 Litres spa water.

To ensure best results, please follow the instructions on the label.

Leak Sealer Instructions

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