Netafim NetBow Multi-Outlet Dripper Arc Foldable Spikes

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NetBow­­™ is an 8 outlet dripper arc designed to be used in grow containers and potted irrigation.  NetBow™  promotes the root growth in every square centimetre of the container.  This includes top layer root development, ensuring your plant reaches its full growth potential and if bearing fruit , guarantees a better ROI.

NetBow™ features 8 Netafim clogging resistant Typhoon Drippers.  Simply connect to micro tubes and then place on top of the soil secured by 5 soil spikes. 

NB. NetBow dripper only - not supplied with micro tube


  • Surface wetting distributes the water uniformly
  • Maximises root zone development
  • Reduces disease and labour
  • Better ROI


  • Compatible with 20-40 litre containers
  • Dripper arc diameter: 250mm
  • Flow Rate: 8 dripping outlets with flow of 2.0l/h each at 1.0bar (14.5PSI)  The flow from each dripping outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow™ inlet.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 4.0bars (58.0PSI)
  • Chemical and UV resistance for extended durability
  • Light grey in colour for improved light reflection

NetBow™ Container Irrigation Multi-Outlet Dripper Arc Installation Manual

NetBow™ Container Irrigation Multi-Outlet Dripper Arc Data Sheet


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