Nozzle Fog 0.2mm ATN SS/BR 0.6mm Spring 12-24unc Pack 100




Pack of 100

ATN cleanable high pressure fog nozzles with Stainless Steel head, Nickel plated Brass body and removable impeller diffuser.  The newer engineered design allows the nozzle to deliver a more stable performance due to its internal engineered design, note the sealing O-Ring is not part of the Stainless Steel head.

This atomising nozzle can produce uniform micron sized water particles to manage temperature and humidity.

Orifice: 0.20mm / 0.008"

Thread No.: 12/24unc/2A

O-Ring Material: 1st- NBR 2nd- NBR

Anti-Drip: Dia 0.6mm Stainless Steel spring + EPDM ball

Filter: No Filter

Optimum Atomising Pressure: 800-1000 PSI (5500-6900kPA)

Note: The flow rate may vary depending on operating pressure, fluid viscosity and fluid density.

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