Nozzle Fog 0.2mm ATN SS/BR 0.6mm Spring 12-24unc Pack 100


Sale price$427.00


Pack of 100

ATN cleanable high pressure fog nozzles with Stainless Steel head, Nickel plated Brass body and removable impeller diffuser.  The newer engineered design allows the nozzle to deliver a more stable performance due to its internal engineered design, note the sealing O-Ring is not part of the Stainless Steel head.

This atomising nozzle can produce uniform micron sized water particles to manage temperature and humidity.

Orifice: 0.20mm / 0.008"

Thread No.: 12/24unc/2A

O-Ring Material: 1st- NBR 2nd- NBR

Anti-Drip: Dia 0.6mm Stainless Steel spring + EPDM ball

Filter: No Filter

Optimum Atomising Pressure: 800-1000 PSI (5500-6900kPA)

Note: The flow rate may vary depending on operating pressure, fluid viscosity and fluid density.

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