Para'kito Mosquito Sports Wristband 25cm


Color: Blue
Sale price$29.50


** Para'kito Sports Band will be available will stocks last - ITEM DISCONTINUED 

The Para'kito Mosquito Sports Wristband enables you to be visible during your favourite activities while being protected against mosquitos. Increases visibility with the addition of reflective stripes along with an identification tag.

The Para'kito pellet that is housed inside the wristband, contains a mixture of naturally sourced ingredients that reduces your mosquito appeal through essential oil diffusion.

The Para'kito pellet contains no DEET or citronella avoiding reactions and toxicity.  The pellets do not contact the skin so there are no skin irritation issues.

A single Para'kito pellet will last up to 15 days (up to 360hrs).

Made of cool, comfy neoprene and can be worn around your wrist or ankle.  The Para'kito Mosquito Wristband is practical, lightweight and waterproof enabling a diverse range of outdoor activities. Uses a premium hook & loop closure allowing you to adjust the size for comfort. 

The Para'kito Mosquito Sports Wristband Kit contains:  Para'kito Mosquito Expert Wristband and 2 Para'kito Pellets.

The Para'kito Pellet contains the following Essential Oils: Geranium, Rosemary, Mint, Peppermint, Clove and Cinnamon.

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