Philmac Poly Non-Return Valve

SKU: 95802200

Size: 3/4"
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The Australian made Philmac non-return valves are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service. Based on the simple movement of a piston, both valves are designed to allow water to flow in one direction only to avoid loss of water, prevent backflow and ensure pipelines do not drain.

The non-return valve is designed to keep pumps primed. The foot valve is designed with a filter to prevent debris into the pipeline and pump. Backed by a full range of spare parts, Philmac’s commitment to customer service and over 20 years in the field this indestructible valve is one that you can rely on and trust.


  • Agriculture: Foot valves on pumps. Non-return on elevated pipelines.
  • Irrigation: Foot valves on pumps. Non-return on rising mainlines.

Fast and easy installation:

  • Multi-position Installation: The valves have been designed to work in either a vertical (with water moving in an upwards direction) or horizontal position for flexible installation.
  • BSP Inlet Threads: The Rural and Irrigation sectors use British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads as a standard. Philmac also uses these thread types across the valve range to ensure compatibility with other threaded fittings and make installation easy.
  • Flow Identification: The body is clearly marked with an arrow to indicate the direction of flow of water.

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