RIOCOCO Coir Mix Block 4.5kg


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RIOCOCO Coir Mix Block is made with a special mix of coco coir pith, coir chips, and coir cut fiber. The RIOCOCO coir mix is five times washed, mechanically blended, and has had the fine dust removed. This mix gives excellent aeration and water retention for home growers.
The RIOCOCO 4.5kg Coir Mix Block expands to roughly 50 and is perfect for raised beds, mix with soil and/or compost and larger volume required crops.

Benefits and Features:

  • Retains water and improves aeration
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Perfect to mix with soil for garden beds and potted plants
  • Great as a mulch
  • Suitable to grow flowers, vegetables, micro greens and berries
  • Add water to 4.5kg block expands to 60L

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