Screen Only for Gutter End Rainwater Diverter

SKU: GDC90-10-Screen

Sale price$5.00



Dimensions of Mesh Screen : 240mm Length / 140mm Width / 10mm Height  

Gutter End Details:

Easy to clean, the two in one rainwater head and diverter keeps leaves, mosquitoes and debris out of your rainwater tank.

Featuring a large corrugated stainless steel screen filter, the Gutter End Rainwater Diverter allows 8 litres per second water flow and 4 litres per second when 87% blocked.

No more flooded gutters or blocked down pipes.

Dimensions : 290mm Length / 180mm Width / 230mm Height / to fit 90mm storm water connection / 250mm Gutter Width 

Gutter End Rainwater Diverter

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