Swimsportz Swim Trainer-Personal Pool Exerciser


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The Swimsportz Swim Trainer turns a home pool into an Olympic sized arena. Ideal for swim training and exercise, its low impact harness is easy to use and will help improve your swim strokes and general fitness. 

The Swimsportz Swim Trainer allows you to swim endlessly no matter the size of the pool or swim spa.

Instructions for use : 

  1. Fasten the loop end of the extension rope to a secure point e.g. pool fence.
  2. Snap lock one end of the elastic stretch cord onto the extension rope and the other end onto the plastic self centering body harness.
  3. Secure the Swim Trainer around the waist by threading the velcro strap back through the buckle and attaching.
  4. Step into the pool and slowly wade out until you feel the Swim Trainer take the strain and then start swimming.
  5. It is recommended to swim towards the deep end of the pool to avoid your stroke being impeded by the shallow end.

Features : 

Extension rope: 4m to attach to any anchor point / Stretch cord: 1.30m  / Adjustable waist band harness: 1m

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