Wood Heater Starter Kit


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Prepare for the Winter season ahead.  A handy Wood Heater Start Kit comprised of:

Wood Sling: Easily carry fire wood and kindling to your wood heater.  folds up when not in use.  Made of black woven polyester. NB. Please refer to individual image for this item - this is a sling only with no ends to it 

Sureburn Firelighters: 24 snap off blocks to help start your wood fire.  All natural, waterproof, no smell and quick to light.

Soot Loose: 2 x 50g sachets will prevent build up of tar, creosote and soot in your chimney/flue.

Woodheater Door Glass Cleaner: 2 x cleaners fast effective dry cleaning.  Use without cleaning agent.  Multiple use for one cleaner.

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