Household Water Filter Systems

Household Water Filter Systems

Does your water have a bad smell?  Does it have a horrible taste?  Are there visible particles in your water?  Is the water brown or pale-yellow in colour?  Do your pipes have a corrosion build up?

 If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then you might need a Water Filter System for your home to ensure clean and safe water.

 Benefits of a Water Filter System 

  • A water filter improves taste and odour and reduces the level of many chemical contaminants and unwanted substances from our water.
  • Filtered water taste better than tap water so you will be likely to drink more water which is better for your health and keeps you hydrated.
  • Long term, it will save you money as you will not be buying bottled water
  • It’s also good for the environment with no plastic bottles going to landfill, and
  • You save on cupboard space by not having to store bottled water!

 Types of Water Filters Available 

There is a range of water filter systems to choose from to suit any household or a portable water filter.

Whether it be under the sink, benchtop or portable filter there is one that will suit your needs.

 Things to consider before purchasing a Water Filter 

Before buying a water filter system, test the water quality in your area to know which water filter will be best for you. And depending on the water source,

answering these questions may help you to select the right system:

Are you filtering rainwater?  Or Main’s water?  Do you want to cover the whole house or only your drinking water?

 Maintain and Replace Your Filter Cartridge 

Your filter system may not function correctly if your filter cartridge is full of sediment.  The water will then struggle to get through, and what does get through, may not be filtered effectively.

 It is recommended the cartridge be changed every 6 - 12 months or when a bad taste or odour returns. It’s always recommended to follow the manufacturers guidelines.

 If you are thinking of purchasing a Water Filter System for your home, speak to one of our Sales Team and we will help you find the right Filter System for your needs.

Author: Kellie Gibbs

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