Who has the time to hand water your lawn?

Who has the time to hand water your lawn?

A Sprinkler System makes it so easy!


Having an automatic sprinkler system allows you to have more time to yourself rather than spending your free time hand watering your lawns. You can automatically preselect what times and days you wish to water your lawn.

Benefits of an automatic sprinkler system

  • Are you going away on holidays? you would not have to rely on someone to take care of your lawns.
  • No more rolling up the hose after each watering session or dragging the hand sprinkler around to get all the watering done.
  • Eliminate trip hazards, No hose, no problem! 


Popup Sprinkler systems feature hidden heads that pop up when the timer turns the system on, so they are out of sight when not in use.

Does not waste water

When designing your sprinkler system, make sure you put enough pop-up sprinklers to provide complete coverage of your area, only precisely what you need to water, so you do not overwater. Having the right amount for the coverage that needs watering will save money on your water bill! The right amount of water will ensure not ending up with yellow dry patches from underwatering.

Many modern new types of pop-up sprinkler heads are ideally to save water.

Optimal growth

When you install a pop sprinkler system, it is watering your lawn at regular set times, ensuring maximum growth by carefully distributing water evenly and effectively.

If you love a well-kept lawn and attractive landscaping around your home, you understand the importance of irrigating it properly.

As there are different types of sprinkler heads, it can get quite confusing! We can help design and supply you with your own Sprinkler System to help you keep your lawns green and healthy all year round.

Author: Kellie Gibbs

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