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Cleaning and maintaining your Wood Heater regularly increases the efficiency of your wood heater, helps reduce smoke emissions and helps prevent chimney or flue fire.  Here are my daily and monthly maintenance tips for the season ahead.

Daily Maintenance (During Burn Season)

Removal Of Excess Ash: A layer of ash needs to be between 1.5-2.5cm as it will help slow down the burn rate.  Any ash build up higher than 2.5cm needs to be removed from the firebox.

Cleaning The Glass: Most modern Wood Heaters have air wash systems to keep the glass clean. Burning unseasoned wood or burning on lower burn rates can lead to dirtying the glass.  Hot Glass Creme CleanerVitcas Glass Cleaner  or Wood Heater Door Glass Cleaners can assist you with this aspect of the Wood Heater maintenance.

 Monthly Maintenance (During Burn Season)

Maintaining A Firebox Seal: The Wood Heater door needs to form an airtight seal to the firebox of the Wood Heater to work correctly and burn the wood efficiently. Check the door gasket to make sure it forms an airtight seal to the firebox.  An easy test is to place a piece of A4 paper (on the top and the bottom of the door) and close the door. If the paper pulls out easily it is a sign that you need a new gasket or the door hinge may need tightening.

Rope Door Seals, Glass Door Seals and Pyrogrip Sealant are a range of gaskets and glues available.

Creosote Build Up: When wood is burned slowly, it produces tar and other vapours, which combined with moisture will form creosote. Creosote builds up on the chimney or flue lining. 

The chimney or flue should be inspected once every 2 months during the burning season to discover if creosote has built up. If creosote residue is detected it should be removed to reduce the risk of chimney or flue fire. It is also important to inspect the top of the baffle plate to check that the creosote has not fallen on here, which could block or restrict the smoke and gasses from escaping.

To reduce the build up of creosote SmartBurn Cleaning Tube and Soot Loose are available to help remove existing creosote and prevent further build up. If you are concerned about creosote build up contact your closest chimney sweep for a full inspection.

At Blue Bucket we have a full range of wood heaters from a large range of manufacturers and we also stock a large range of accessories including flues, elbows, gaskets, cleaners, tool sets, child guards and even fire starters!

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Author: Glen Cappello

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