Winter Pool Maintenance

Looking after your pool in winter is essential, to ensure it is in great condition the following summer!

Clean the Pool
Remove any leaves and particles floating in your pool, scrub the walls and vacuum all surfaces. Clean the skimmer baskets so that they are free of any rubbish or debris that has been collected.

Make sure you don’t forget your filter system - give that a clean and backwash as well.
Test Your Water Levels
Have your pool water tested professionally to ensure its correctly balanced. If it isn’t, pool professionals can advise you on the correct chemicals you will need to balance your PH levels.
“Shock” your Pool
“Shocking” your pool once a month over the winter months is important to keep the dirt at bay. It is advisable to run your pump for a few hours after “shocking” your pool.
Ensure low phosphate levels
Phosphate is a food source for algae and other unwanted contaminants in pool water. Adding a phosphate remover will help keep this potential problem under control.

Run Your filter
Over the winter months, you should still try to run your filter regularly. If you have a timer you can adjust to suit, but it is ideal to run the pool filter for two to three hours a few times over the cooler months.

 Cover Your Pool
If your pool is not in use over winter, it’s a great idea to cover it up. This will ensure that leaves and dirt don’t contaminate the water. Leaves may not seem like a big issue, but they are often the cause of imbalances in swimming pool water, and problems with pumps and filters.

  •  It is recommended that you check your pool at least once a month during winter.
  • Scheduling winter maintenance results in less expense and time spent in spring when it’s time to reopen your pool for the swimming season.
  • We can help you maintain your pool over the cooler months by recommending the correct products to ensure sparkling pool water next summer!

Author: Kellie Gibbs

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